Why did this happen?

By this, I mean this food blog Cook Like Asian.

If you are interested in what drives me into this crazy food blogging world, read on.

Born and raised in China, I never really like Chinese cuisine. It’s not like I hated it, just not loving any Chinese recipe in particular except for Cantonese dim sum. (I mean..it’s hard to not like them cause there are hundreds of different options).

I was that type of girl who begged mom to take me to Mc Donald’s on Sunday. I was also madly in love with pizza, spaghetti and almost everything that don’t belong to a traditional Chinese table.

Things changed when I quit my job and went to live in New Zealand for a year.

Maybe it was the homesickness, I started to crave all things Asian like crazy.

Not that I don’t like the NZ approach to English cuisine. Sometimes I just want a taste from home.

Can you believe “Chinese food near me” is searched for more than 1.8 million times each month? And I am one of them.

Yes, Chinese takeaway is pretty damn delicious. It definitely eases my crave. But after a year of binging on it, I gain over 40 pounds, 40 FREAKING POUNDS.

Why? Asian takeaways are not always the best weight-watchers. And I pay the price.

It makes me wonder if there are any healthier options to the classic Asian cuisines? How can I recreate authentic Asian recipes in a home kitchen?

That’s why I started this food site dedicated to Asian gourmet.

On CookLikeAsian.com, you will find easy Asian recipes, healthy “takeaway swap” and Asian cooking tips.

If you are an Asian food fanatic like me and want to share your own recipe on the site, email me at hello@cooklikeasian.com!

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