16 Creative Rice Recipes That Are More Than Fried Rice

A list of new and easy rice recipes that bring out the best of this kitchen staple

I used to think that rice is nothing but a source of carbs. And the only way to cook rice is to boil it. 

 But I am always desperate to find creative rice recipes. Fried rice, you may say. But other than that, what’s more?  

So I hunt around the Internet and found these new ways to cook rice. Little did I know that rice is more than a side dish. It can be a delicious main course, desserts, and so much more. It is a kitchen staple with endless possibilities.

If you are like me who want something more than fried rice, here are some creative rice recipes to twist your regular meals a little bit.

Creative rice recipes to try at home

Chnese pork rice dumplings – Zong Zi

Sticky rice dumplings with pork filling

Rice dumplings are a traditional food in China. Each year around the Dragon Boat festival, we will make rice dumplings at home.

Make in bulk, put them in the freezer, and have these yummy rice treats for breakfast or lunch all year round. I just made a batch and here is how to make Zong Zi step by step.

Curry Omurice – Japanese style curry omelet

Curry Omurice - Japanese style curry omelet

Curry with rice or omelet with rice filling is typical Asian food. But combining these two is something new. If you are ready for some next-level Japanese rice recipe, follow the instructions on Jaja Bakes.

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Croatian cabbage rice roll

Croatian cabbage rice roll

With standard pantry staples, these cabbage rice rolls combine fiber, protein and carbs in one-pot. And they fit perfectly in a bento box.

Greek rice stuffed grape leaves

Greek rice stuffed grape leaves

It is the first time I’ve heard of the name Dolmades. Until now, I have no idea that grape leaves are edible.

It may take some work to prepare the grape leaves for this rice recipe. But if you love Greek food, give it a try!

Gluten-free seafood rice ball

Gluten-free seafood rice ball

This rice recipe is something kids will love. Serve these fried rice balls at a party, and they will be a crowd favorite. 

Easy and quick leftover rice pudding

Easy and quick leftover rice pudding

Another creative way to use up your leftover rice. I love how simple this rice pudding recipe is. Three simple steps, basic ingredients, and a mug, this delicious rice pudding will be ready in under 30 minutes. 

Follow the instructions on Julie’s Eats and Treats to make your own.

Chicken and mushroom rice congee

Chicken and mushroom rice congee

Rice congee is comfort food for someone who is sick or recovering, somewhat like the Chicken soup. It’s easy to digest and savory at the same time. 

The chicken and mushroom rice congee is a classic breakfast in Southern China. You are going to love this easy rice recipe once you try it.

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Risi and Bisi Venetian peas risotto

Risi and Bisi Venetian peas risotto

This rice risotto will bring the spring freshness to your table. Check out this Italian rice recipe on Cucchiarella to make your own.

Indian sweet rice kheer

Indian sweet rice kheer

Kheer is the Indian version of rice pudding. But there are many different versions of kheer, and sometimes you may even see meat in them.

This kheer recipe from Justacookk is perfect for beginners like me: basic ingredients, simple steps and no fuss in the kitchen. You can also switch the garnish to tease your tastebuds.

Hawaiian sweet and savory rice

Hawaiian sweet and savory rice

Another great way to use leftover rice. The pineapple balances the overall favor of the fried rice, bring that much-needed freshness to a summer dinner table.

Want a taste of the tropicals? Follow this tutorial video down below.

Instant pot cabbage biryani 

Instant pot cabbage biryani

Biryani is an Indian rice dish with the rice and the garnish cooked separately. Layer the semi-cooked ingredients in an instant pot, and you will have a tasty dinner jam-packed with nutrients and favors.

Follow the recipe here to make your own.

Guatemalan black beans and rice

Guatemalan Black Beans and Rice

No, it’s not brown rice. The rice picks up the color and the taste from the black bean soup, creating a different texture than regular rice risotto. Give this vegetarian and gluten-free rice recipe a try!

Silky fish congee

Silky fish congee

In China, the Sampan congee (艇仔粥) is a popular dim sum dish. And now you can make it at home with three basic ingredients.

Follow the instructions on Wok and Kin.

Vegan onigiri – Japanese rice triangle

Vegan onigiri - Japanese rice triangle

I can definitely see these cute rice triangles in a bento. The recipe on Foodaciously uses mashed chickpeas to make vegan tuna filling. But you can definitely switch it into real tuna or the fillings of your choice.

Rizogalo – Greek rice pudding

Rizogalo - Greek rice pudding

Creamy, airy, and sweet, this rice pudding from Pastry Wishes is a fun way to make rice into a dessert.

Perfect lunch idea – black bean and rice burritos

Perfect lunch idea - black bean and rice burritos

If you love Mexican food, you are going to love these vegetarian rice burritos. Make in bulk cause your family is going to want more!

Have you tried these creative rice recipes?

Or do you have new ways to cook rice that you swear by? Tell me about it in the comments!

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